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Web Special for Portable Reference
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Get a 10% discount for our maintenance-free portable reference electrode.  

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Modular Linear Anode and Estimator
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Linear distributed impressed current anode for aboveground storage tanks, buried pipelines, elevator shafts and marine structures.

Use the web-based estimator to determine what materials are required for a given diameter aboveground storage tank.

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Process Vessel Reference Electrode
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Obtain potential readings in elevated temperature/pressure environments or in contaminated solutions.

Concentric CP Coupon
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Provides IR free potential readings without the necessity for interrupting current.


Tubesheet Mounted Reference Electrode
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Measure potentials on tubesheet face.

Undertank Reference Electrode
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Measure potential profiles beneath aboveground storage tanks.

Magnet Operated Switch

Simplify instant-disconnect
measurements on 
cathodic protection coupons.

Electrochemical Devices Inc., founded in 1986, specializes in the design and manufacture of products for monitoring and controlling corrosion. All of our products are manufactured in the USA.

Many of the unique products we offer were developed from requirements brought to us by customers. Some of those shown here have become standards in the industry. We encourage continued custom product development to meet your needs.

A brief look at the types of products we make is given below. Special offers and featured items from the company are to the right.


Permanent reference electrodes - products available for all applications used to monitor the potential of a structure.

Impressed current anodes - linear distributed and probe-type with platinum and mixed metal oxide coatings.

Specialty monitoring devices - concentric cathodic protection coupon and probes for LPR measurements to assist the corrosion engineer in determining the extent of a problem.

Custom designs - products designed to meet the specific requirements of an application.